Aditya Karnataki

Address : Chennai Mathematical Institute
H1 SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri
Kelambakkam, Tamilnadu, India - 603103

E-Mail : adityack(at)cmi(dot)ac(dot)in

CV (Last update : December 2022)


Research interests : (Pre-)publications : Teaching CMI Mathematics Colloquium

I and Siddhi Pathak are organizing the CMI Mathematics Colloquium in Spring 2023. Please visit the colloquium page for more details.

Mathematical Writings and Talks

Notes (typed by John Bergdall) for a talk I gave at the p-adic Hodge Theory Seminar at Boston University on the Serre-Tate equivalence between formal groups and connected p-divisible groups. I take responsibility for any errors that you may find.

Notes for a talk I gave on Iwasawa Cohomology at a Reading seminar on Galois representations and (φ,Γ)-modules at BICMR.

Slides for a talk I gave on étale cohomology of Drinfeld half-spaces at a Reading Seminar on Cohomology of p-adic period domains at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (This was Talk 6 in a series of talks given by myself and others, so they include references to previous talks.)

YouTube video of an expository talk I gave at a Workshop on Perfectoid Spaces on p-adic automorphic forms and completed cohomology.

What does a circle know about primes? is a video of an expository talk I gave to young PROMYS students on Cyclotomic polynomials and Dirichlet's theorem on Infinitude of primes in arithmetic progressions.

I occasionally write articles on mathematics in my native language, Marathi. These are of an expository nature, intended for public consumption. Here are some selected articles, published on a Marathi portal, which is the largest and the first ever forum on the internet in Marathi language.