Aditya Karnataki

Address : Chennai Mathematical Institute
H1 SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri
Kelambakkam, Tamilnadu, India - 603103

E-Mail : adityack(at)cmi(dot)ac(dot)in

CV (Last update : December 2022)


Research interests : (Pre-)publications : Teaching CMI Mathematics Colloquium

I and Siddhi Pathak are organizing the CMI Mathematics Colloquium in Spring 2024. We also organised the CMI Fields Medal Lecture Series in Spring 2023. Please visit the respective webpages for more details.

Mathematical Writings and Talks

Notes (typed by John Bergdall) for a talk I gave at the p-adic Hodge Theory Seminar at Boston University on the Serre-Tate equivalence between formal groups and connected p-divisible groups. I take responsibility for any errors that you may find.

Notes for a talk I gave on Iwasawa Cohomology at a Reading seminar on Galois representations and (φ,Γ)-modules at BICMR.

Slides for a talk I gave on étale cohomology of Drinfeld half-spaces at a Reading Seminar on Cohomology of p-adic period domains at the Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (This was Talk 6 in a series of talks given by myself and others, so they include references to previous talks.)

YouTube video of an expository talk I gave at a Workshop on Perfectoid Spaces on p-adic automorphic forms and completed cohomology.

What does a circle know about primes? is a video of an expository talk I gave to young PROMYS students on Cyclotomic polynomials and Dirichlet's theorem on Infinitude of primes in arithmetic progressions.

I occasionally write articles on mathematics in my native language, Marathi. These are of an expository nature, intended for public consumption. Here are some selected articles, published on a Marathi portal, which is the largest and the first ever forum on the internet in Marathi language.